Digital Color Management Solutions

Our digital color management solutions revolutionize the textile coloration industry by enhancing collaboration between customers and suppliers. Measure and monitor color matching efficiency from lab dip to first approved production. With our DCMS system, you can instantly view color development by your supplier and approve or reject – on the spot. Our solution facilitates instant viewing, approval, or rejection of color developments, eliminating the need for time-consuming back-and-forth approval rounds. With real-time color development updates and immediate connections to supply chain partners, you’ll experience optimized color feasibility and enhanced transparency in communication.

Seamless Collaboration

Select your preferred supplier from a registered list, fostering effective communication and streamlined collaboration.

Real-Time Color Analysis

Automatically calculate color differences between customer standards and sample colors, ensuring accurate color reproduction.

Timely Notifications

Receive email notifications to stay updated on communication and progress between customers and suppliers.

Historic Data Analysis

Access a comprehensive system for storing and analyzing historical color data, enabling better insights and trend analysis.

Efficient Color Input

Easily input color values, such as Lab* or 31-point RFL values, or import QTX files to kickstart the color matching process.

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