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At colorscienceacademy, we value the diverse needs and interests of textile color professionals. That’s why we offer a range of membership options tailored to cater to your specific requirements. Choose the membership that aligns with your goals and unlock a wealth of benefits and resources to enhance your career in the industry.

Student Membership

Upon successful completion of any course and obtaining the Certified Colorist certificate from Color Science Academy, individuals are automatically enrolled as lifetime members. Enjoy access to a personalized dashboard, exclusive news articles, event details, webinar recordings, and various other benefits tailored to support your ongoing journey in color mastery and professional development.

Professional Membership

Reserved exclusively for professionals working in the field of coloration, Professional Membership offers premium services and support. Upon qualification through an evaluation process, including a written and viva exam, members gain access to all premium features, including help, knowledge sharing, posts, articles, webinars, and sessions. Student Members receive a 50% discount on the application fee. Registration: Apply now for Professional Membership and unlock a wealth of resources to advance your career in color science!

indivisual Membership

Join our vibrant community as an Individual Member, completely free of charge. Receive priority access to our articles, posts, webinar invitations, and free sessions. Engage with our website by commenting and stay informed about the latest developments in color science. Registration: Sign up today for Individual Membership and stay connected with the exciting world of color!

Corporate Membership

Companies opting for on-site training, software solutions, or consultancy services automatically qualify for Corporate Membership. Enjoy all the benefits of a Student Membership, plus invitations to exclusive webinars and opportunities to share industrial knowledge with peers. Registration: Enroll your company now to unlock the benefits of Corporate Membership and elevate your team’s expertise in color science!

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