The all-new Industry leading tuneable LED Technology by VeriVide. The dawning of a new era in visual colour assessment with a game changing all-LED light booth, for a greater level of control and repeatability across your global supply chain.

As the UltraView light booth is tuneable it gives brands the benefit of being able to update their point of sale as their stores change, meaning light booths in the supply chain only need re-programming instead of being replaced.

Multi brand and Retailer light sources in one colour assessment light booth.

Suppliers to brands and retailers historically had to purchase multiple light cabinets to cover different retailer lighting needs. However, this is no longer the case, due to the developments in technology, suppliers can now purchase one UltraView and have all their different principle point of sale light sources pre-programmed.

Colour matching under UltraView all-LED technology enables manufacturers and retailers to examine exactly how the products are going to look under LED Daylight and LED point of sale lighting. Our LED technology works to tighter tolerances and does not suffer from the fringing effect or flickering, ensuring the operator’s ability to make reliable colour decisions. UltraView Conforms to all major standards for visual evaluation; ASTM, AATCC, BSI, DIN, CIE, SAE and ISO including ISO 3668,3664 and 13076 allowing retailers and manufacturers to assess accurately the colour and appearance of their products.
  • Fluorescent lamps traditionally used in light booths needed to be replaced every 2000 hours or annually. However, with the UltraView you no longer need to annually change components such as lamps. As UltraView is fully tunable you calibrate your light booth back to the original calibrated status annually.
  • Manufacturers and suppliers previously would have needed to have purchased multiple light booths to meet different brands and retailer specifications. For example, it’s not unusual for a garment manufacturer to have invested in multiple light booths to meet different brand/retailer requirements that they are working with. Now they only need to purchase the UltraView, and will have all of the different brand switch sets pre-programmed in. As new retailer specific light sources are introduced, these can be programmed in at the time of service and calibration.
  • More energy efficient using LED over Fluorescent or Halogen Technologies.
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