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Our Archive Management software presents a versatile solution, accommodating both Turkish and English language preferences for seamless usability. It offers customizable letterhead report forms, enabling the inclusion of licensed company or institution logos for a professional touch. With an automated backup feature, data integrity and security are ensured, providing peace of mind. Moreover, the software boasts advanced user file encryption capabilities, allowing for the definition of an unlimited number of users and the imposition of usage restrictions on files and functions. This comprehensive suite of features makes it an ideal choice for organizations seeking efficient and secure archive management solutions.


  • Turkish and English language support
  • Ability to print letterhead report forms with the licensed company/institution logo
  • Automatic backup feature for data security
  • User file encryption with the option to define an unlimited number of users and impose usage restrictions
  • Integration with light sources: A, A_M&S, C, CWF, D50, D55, D65, D65_M&S, D65_SPL, D75, D75_SPL, F02, F07, F11, Hor_SPL, TL83, TL84, TL84_M&S, TL85, U30
  • Color spaces: CIELab, CIELch, CIE94 (1:1:1), CIE94 (2:1:1), CIE2000, CMC(1:1), CMC(2:1), HunterLab
  • Ability to set pass/fail limits for DL-DA-DB and DE separately for all color spaces
  • Define device automatic calibration repeat time
  • Transmission (Liquid) measurement screen
  • 2° and 10° observation angles
  • DE scanning for newly entered colors against archive
  • Manual entry of XYZ, Lab, LCh, and Reflectance values to define colors
  • Import measurements from other programs via .exp, *.qtx, *.dat, *.mdb files
  • Separate reporting of L,a,b,C,h,X,Y,Z,x,y values for standard and sample
  • Color comparison between 1 Standard and 1 Sample, up to 30 samples with 1 Standard on a single screen
  • Metamerism control under all light sources
  • Report color strength differences including Strength at Maximum Absorbance, Relative Average Strength, and Relative Weighted strength
  • Whiteness/Opticality evaluation under various indices
  • Jaundice detection under ASTM D1925-70 and ASTM E313-73 indices
  • Brightness assessment under ISO Glossy R457 and Z indices
  • Illumination factor analysis under the EN 471 index
  • Sorting feature according to 555 standard
  • Opacity assessment separately on Black and White backgrounds
  • XYZ comparison screen
  • Gray scale ISO105-A04 Staining and ISO105-A05 Color Change tests
  • Rubbing and washing fastness tests
  • Wavelength K/S chart, Wavelength %R chart, CIELab Color Space chart
  • Quality control report generation in Turkish and English
  • Unlimited archiving with scanning or manual recording of prescriptions

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This comprehensive software solution provides efficient archive management with advanced features for quality control and color analysis, catering to the needs of your industry.



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