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Argetek / ColorMission Plus Recipe and Formulation Software

Our software, inclusive of ColorMission Basic features, offers a comprehensive solution enriched with advanced functionalities. Users can seamlessly navigate between Turkish and English interfaces, ensuring accessibility for diverse audiences. The ability to generate letterhead report forms, personalized with licensed company or institution logos, adds a professional touch to documentation. With an automatic backup feature integrated into the system, data integrity is safeguarded, providing peace of mind to users. This amalgamation of features delivers a robust platform for efficient color management, catering to the needs of various industries and ensuring a streamlined workflow
  • Encryption and User Management:
    • Ability to encrypt user files with no limit on the number of users.
    • Imposition of usage restrictions on files and all functions.
  • Light Sources and Color Spaces:
    • Support for various light sources including A, A_M&S, C, CWF, D50, D55, D65, D65_M&S, D65_SPL, D75, D75_SPL, F02, F07, F11, Hor_SPL, TL83, TL84, TL84_M&S, TL85, U30.
    • Compatibility with color spaces such as CIELab, CIELch, CIE94 (1:1:1), CIE94 (2:1:1), CIE2000, CMC(1:1), CMC(2:1), HunterLab.
  • Color Management:
    • Entry of pass/fail limits for DL-DA-DB and DE separately for all color spaces.
    • Determination of device automatic calibration repeat time.
    • Transmission (liquid) measurement screen.
    • Support for 2° and 10° observation angles.
    • DE scanning for newly entered colors across the archive.
    • Manual color definition by entering XYZ, Lab, LCh, and Reflectance values.
  • File Management and Integration:
    • Viewing of measurements from other programs by transferring .exp, *.qtx, *.dat, *.mdb files.
    • Separate reporting of L,a,b,C,h,X,Y,Z,x,y values for standard and sample.
  • Color Comparison and Control:
    • Possibility of color comparison between 1 Standard and 1 Sample.
    • Ability to compare up to 30 samples with 1 Standard on a single screen.
    • Metamerism control under all light sources.
  • Additional Color Analysis Features:
    • Assessment of strength differences between paints.
    • Evaluation of whiteness/opticality.
    • Detection of jaundice.
    • Viewing of brightness.
    • Analysis of the illumination factor.
    • Opacity assessment on Black and White backgrounds.
  • Quality Control and Testing:
    • Generation of quality control reports separately in Turkish and English.
    • Performance of tests on rubbing and washing fastness.
  • Additional Functionality:
    • Wavelength K/S chart, wavelength %R chart, CIELab Color Space chart.
    • Automatic recipe calculation.
    • Correction prescription calculation.
    • Additional/repair recipe calculation.
    • Manual recipe editing.
    • “Smart Recipe” feature.
  • Archive Management:
    • Unlimited archiving with the ability to scan color or recipe from the archive.
    • Manual recording of prescriptions to the archive.



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