P Color ColorMission

Textile Printing Pigment Recipe Management: Textile printing Pigment recipe calculation, archiving and quality control software Carrying out and monitoring expansion studies for all pigments / dyestuffs Calculation of recipes for all colors available in the color chart / pantone Performing quality checks for all prescriptions created Archiving of measured colors by filing them separately.

Software: Pantone Color Chart Recipe Management


  • Archiving and printing of Pantone-type color chart recipes
  • Customizable for Turkish-English language support
  • Company-specific screen with customer company logo integration
  • Entry of dye recipes with color chart/Pantone codes
  • Recipe display screens with entries such as Base/Serie/Color Group/Color No/Amount/Unit, etc.


  • Simplify management of Pantone color chart recipes
  • Enhance brand identity with customizable company-specific screens
  • Improve communication with Turkish-English language support
  • Efficiently organize and retrieve dye recipes for production
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