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Pantone & Color Reference

Explore our diverse collection of Pantone and color reference tools meticulously crafted to serve as your primary resource for accurate color communication and selection in the textile industry. Our comprehensive range encompasses a wide variety of Pantone color guides, swatch books, and color libraries, offering an extensive palette for precise color matching and selection across […]

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Training Courses and Tests

Recorder Training Courses: These courses focus on refining skills in color recording and measurement techniques, providing comprehensive training for precise color decision making in textile coloration industry. Munsell 100 Hue Test: A standardized assessment evaluating color vision and discrimination abilities, involving the arrangement of color chips in Munsell color order to gauge an individual’s proficiency in differentiating

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Light Cabinets and Light Sources

Light Cabinets: These are controlled environments specifically designed for the visual assessment of color samples under standardized lighting conditions. Light cabinets ensure consistent and accurate color evaluation by providing uniform and controlled lighting across the samples. For instance, a D65 light source is commonly used in light cabinets to replicate natural daylight conditions for assessing colors.

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Software Solutions

Spectrophotometer Software: This robust software is designed to analyze and manage the extensive color data acquired by spectrophotometers. The software provides comprehensive tools to manage and interpret spectral data, aiding in color matching, formulation, and quality control across diverse industries. ERP Integration Color Management Software: This specialized software solution seamlessly integrates color management functionalities into your existing

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Color Measurement Devices

Spectrophotometers: These instruments offer precise color data analysis across diverse materials, providing comprehensive spectral information for accurate evaluation of color attributes like hue, saturation, and brightness, ensuring consistent color reproduction throughout production processes. Colorimeters: Portable and versatile, colorimeters provide on-the-go color measurement in various applications, delivering precise color readings for professionals in industries. Lux Meters: Specifically designed for

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Consultancy Service

Facing challenges in color formulation, batch-to-batch color matching, or overall color quality control? Our consultancy services are meticulously designed to address these critical aspects. Whether it’s refining complex color formulas, ensuring consistent color matching across production batches, or implementing stringent quality control measures, our consultants offer precise strategies and solutions to help you achieve remarkable and

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